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Peace Corps

Contract PST Director, FP-0301-03

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Contract PST Director
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Peace Corps posts worldwide
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Full Time

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  • PRIOR INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITY OR RELATED WORK: Individuals who have been engaged in certain intelligence activity or related work or who have been employed by or connected with an intelligence agency are ineligible for employment with Peace Corps. Acceptance of employment with Peace Corps precludes employment by certain intelligence organizations for a specific period of time, determined by the employing agency, after Peace Corps employment ceases. APPLICANTS WITH CIA CONNECTIONS. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT HOW TO PROCEED.
  • This is an open and continous position. Opportunities arise thoughout the year and applicants will be evaluated from the pool of applications received.

    This is a short-term contract, typically lasting three to four months.

    Fluency in a foreign language may be required for contracts in certain countries.

    Ability to travel internationally is required.

    A valid passport is required; some locations require a visa and/or vaccinations and/or preventative medicine. Applicants should identify any medical or travel restrictions which would prevent them from traveling to specific countries. This information should be included in the 'Additional Information' area of the application.

    As vacancies occur, qualified applicants will be contacted to verify availablity for a specific location and schedule.

    Duties will include travel to and work in under-developed countries which could require great flexibility to handle unexpected difficulties.

    Please limit your KSA responses to 200 words or less.
    NOTE: This is an open, continuous contract solicitation for which there may not currently be a contract, and that qualified applicants being considered for a contract will receive a specific SOW that includes location, dates of service and any other special requirements.


  • Manages PST activities in coordination with Training Manager at PC post to ensure current and innovative processes are used in developing training competencies, learning objectives, and evaluation techniques. Displays leadership, monitors training implementation and reports on progress.
  • Plans, promotes, and develops educational programs and projects by stimulating activity and providing direction. Designs an appropriate program by analyzing the need for personnel, facilities, supplies, and materials, prepares a program plan, and provides ongoing advice and assistance in the program's implementation.
  • Manages all technical, administrative and financial systems that allow a complex training event to run smoothly and in compliance with all PC regulations. Performs budgeting and record-keeping tasks in support of the administration of the PST.
  • Reviews and assesses individual adults' progress in learning a variety of subjects required for successful Peace Corps service, including language, technical topics, cultural, project, personal health, and safety and security. Provides information and assistance concerning available options, resources, and methods for meeting educational goals.
  • Coaches and develops training staff to insure the application of proven methods and techniques, especially related to adult experiential learning.

Contact Information:

Rob Livengood
(202) 692-1752

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