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TDY Administrative Officer, (Contractor Solicitation), ZZ-0000-0

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TDY Administrative Officer, (Contractor Solicitation)
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Full Time

Agency Marketing Statement:

  • The format being used to solicit this contract proposal was designed for employment applications, and therefore contains some information and questions that do not apply to contract positions. In particular, please note that no preference is given to applicants over and above meeting the qualifications for the contract, including no preference given for past military or Peace Corps service.

    Note: This is a Personal Services Contract Position (Contractor) and is not a Peace Corps Federal job or Volunteer position.

    The salary for this position will range between $300.00 and $340.00 per day and is based on a five day work week. The final determination will be made upon selection and the amount will not be negotiated. The period of employment may not be contiguous.


  • PRIOR INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITY OR RELATED WORK: Individuals who have been engaged in certain intelligence activity or related work or who have been employed by or connected with an intelligence agency are ineligible for employment with Peace Corps. Acceptance of employment with Peace Corps precludes employment by certain intelligence organizations for a specific period of time, determined by the employing agency, after Peace Corps employment ceases. APPLICANTS WITH CIA CONNECTIONS. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT HOW TO PROCEED.
  • Ability to travel internationally is required.

    A valid passport is required; some locations require a visa and/or vaccinations and/or preventative medicine. Applicants should identify any medical or travel restrictions which would prevent them from traveling to specific countries. This information should be included in the 'Additional Information' area of the application.

    Duties will include travel to and work in under-developed countries which could require great flexibility to handle unexpected difficulties.

    Please limit your KSA responses to 200 words or less.

    Both online and offline application assistance can be obtained by contacting the Avue Help Desk at 1-800-407-0147 or or by clicking on the "TECHNICAL SUPPORT" button while working in the automated system.

    When completing your Avue application online, you will receive a pop-up warning message after 45 minutes. It is strongly recommended that you save your data often, and turn off your pop-up blocker in order to receive any system time-out warning.


  • Provides management and administrative support functions including budgeting and financial management, procurement, physical resources management, human resources management, volunteer support, and safety and security. Provides technical advice and guidance to staff and volunteers on policy and post management issues. Anticipates, plans for, and overcomes challenges associated with living and working in countries under conditions of hardship where there may be a scarcity of resources, technological challenges, and/or infrastructure difficulties.

    Peace Corps is suspending operations in Honduras and closing operations in Suriname. Duties for this assignment includes working in Honduras and perhaps in other countries as needed.

    In suspended or closing countries:
    Develop an action plan to establish staffing pattern as well as property to remain during suspension phase.

    Conduct a cost analysis on communications, internet, utilities, etc for the suspension.

    Compare prospective of a small office with the current office to include storage of property, garage for vehicle fleet, etc.

    Assure partner agencies and Ministries are aware of the suspension of Peace Corps Honduras and are aware of staff POC at PC/Honduras.

    Update contact information for all partner agencies and Ministries.

    Draft and establish SOW for PSC / FSN positions that will remain during suspension stage.

    Calculate and request severance payment for terminating staff in accordance with Local Labor Laws

    Update and thoroughly review BAR tracks to detail. After knowing the volume of property, consult with Region or propose to Region what would be the best way to either keep or dispose of all property except for property left for the basic structure for a return.

    Make a plan, coordinating with the US Embassy for disposing property including vehicles.

    Train Acting Director of Management and Operations in full aspects of DMO position so post may operate without the need of a TDY DMO. This includes training in Hyperion, For Post, contract drafting, etc.

    Train Cashier to be a Cashier plus and handle FOR Post obligations and liquidations. Cashier may be timekeeper and in charge of tax exonerations.

    Review official file management with newly released guidance and propose course of action for destruction or keeping files.

    Implement and move forward with the plan of action once approved (or revised) by Peace Corps HQ (Region) , including budget projections for future years.

    Work with all staff during period of transition.

    Knowledge of Administrative Officer principles, practices, techniques, and procedures.

    Ability to develop and implement administrative and financial analyses, and work plans.

    Detailed knowledge of Hyperion, ForPost, Bar Tracks, Cashier Plus, approved property disposal methods

    Familiarity with State Department ICASS principles and billings

    Experience in closing or suspending programs

    Ability to work with sensitivity and compassion while adhering to the needs of post

    Ability to develop working relations with American Embassies.

    Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing in both Spanish and English

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Avue Help Desk

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